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“For these are the times when the mighty walk like giants. Out of the ocean, through the darkest caves, into the most brilliant of temples.&#8221

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I Will Always Love You - Whitney Houston

Oh. My. God. Michelle, for shizzle, if you aren’t getting nostalgic flashbacks I will kick you or make you watch “Bodyguard.” Your choice.

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Fleetwood Mac

headunderwater on Fleetwood Mac - Dreams: “One of the greatest make-out songs of all time.”

That is so true. Really people, who hasn’t made out to Stevie Nicks/Fleetwood? Yeah, thought so.

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When in doubt, kill ‘em with cuteness

You’re Single?


Hold Up…


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Dear sexmusic, you are possibly the best/most useful Tumblr ever.

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Mighty EP
Lord Huron
The Stranger

Lord Hudson - The Stranger

Possibly one of my favorite songs at the moment.

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